General information

It was created through the “Resolución C.S. UNLa 132/09” (Resolution Board of GovernorsUNLa Number 132/09).- It has dependence of the Vice deanship.-

The Directorate participates in two important areas, to wit:
• Certification and Inter-institutional areas.
• Academic Management and Development.

Among its functions, which are defined by the “Resolución C.S. UNLa 132/09”, are:
• To set suitable coordination between the Academic Departments, Secretaries, Virtual Campus and Career Directorate in order for them to fulfil their tasks.-
• To foster the development and academic training of human resources to strengthen postgraduate activities.-
• To propose academic enrichment and improvement of the different postgraduate programmes of UNLa.-
• To take part in the administrative functions related to admissions, course studies and graduation of the postgraduate students of this University.-
• To disseminate in the local, national and international community, the research, transfer and publication activities as well as the cooperation activities for the postgraduate courses of UNLa.-

The Postgraduate Directorate acts as a liaison between the UNLa, the “Ministerio de Educación” (Ministry of Education) and the “CONEAU” (Comisión Nacional de Evaluación y Acreditación Universitaria, Ministerio de Educación, República Argentina) about matters related to the area.- 

Postgraduate activities are regulated by the “Reglamento de Posgrado de la UNLa" (Postgraduate Rules of UNLa, Resolution of the Board of Governors of UNLa 08/13).-

If you wish to learn about the set of regulations that rule Postgraduate Activities within UNLa, the Ministry of Education and CONEAU, download the “Digesto de Normas de Posgrado” (Postgraduate Regulations Digest).-

About Postgraduate Offer
Postgraduate Offer of UNLa is organized in Seminaries, Specializations, Masters and Doctorates which are intended to reach the University’s mission, generating socially relevant knowledge with high academic, theoretical and scientific level.-

Academic offer is articulated around the Four Departments of the University in which each Seminary or Career is registered.-

Download Postgraduate Offer content Guide of UNLa:
Department of Planning and Public Policy
Department of Productive and Technological Development
Department of Humanities and Fine Arts
Department of Community Health

About Postgraduate Programme’s Fee
According to the “Reglamento Marco” of fee setting and postgraduate license, Postgraduate Careers and Seminars will set a fee and license paying system.-
Professors, Technical and Administrative personnel are exempted of payment of fees in accordance with the current regulations.-

Graduates of UNLa are exempted of payment of fees and postgraduate installments pursuant to the current rules and regulations.-

Download Seminar and Postgraduate Carrers fees for 2018

About Postgraduate Scholarship Application
Students will be able to apply for a total (100%), partial (50%) scholarship for postgraduate and registration fees according to procedures set by “Resolución C.S. 67/14” (Board of Governors Resolution nº 64/14).
Graduates from Universities member of MERCOSUR and UNASUR as well as graduates from the “Red de Universidades Nacionales del Conurbano Bonaerense” (National Universities of the Metropolitan Areas of Buenos Aires) “RUNCOB”.

Download Postgraduate Scholarships Regulations

About Admission of postgraduate Careers
Prior to the registration, students who want to attend any of the Postgraduate Careers of UNLa should make a pre-registration which will be in charge of Academic Commissions and/or Career Directors.-
Those candidates who lack of University Degree or a Degree not at superior level of four years could apply, exceptionally, their admission pursuant to the Resolución UNLa C.S. 57/11. (Board of Governors Resolution nº 57/11)

Click on the image to download the guide for Foreign Students
Estudiantes extranjeros

Director: Mg. Aritz Recalde
Administrative assistants: Lic. Santiago Finamore / Macarena Zaiko / Ezequiel González
Telephone: 054-011-5533-5600 Extension Number: 5804/5805


Translation: Sabrina Rodríguez